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Ward/Kraft Announces Brock Shelton is their new Product Manager

Fort Scott Kansas (PRWeb) January 13, 2017

Ward/Kraft, a leader in the production of labels, forms, and plastics, is excited to announce that Brock Shelton has accepted the new position of Project Manager at Ward/Kraft. Brock Shelton has been an asset to Ward/Kraft since he joined the team June 20, 2011. He was part of our Research and Development team from his start date until May of 2014 when he began his position as Office Manager for the Specialty Coatings division. Brock will continue being Specialty Coatings Office Manager and divide his time accordingly.

With the new position of Project Manager, Brock will make sure that all specifications are met and followed through and that everything is done accurately to ensure we have successful test runs for our distributors. In addition to working on test runs, he will also be involved in many projects that focus on new product for Ward/Kraft or on finding better ways to produce existing products.

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