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Each piece can be personalized and is completely trackable

Plastic Mailers are a new and exciting way to promote your company, product, or service. These photo quality, commercial print mailers are sure to stand out among all the other direct mail pieces.


Ward-Kraft is an elite mailer in the eye of the US Post Office.

We are a full service, seamless mailing partner with USPS and utilizes all the latest advantages of e-induction.  This means that Ward-Kraft is a state of the art mailer that uses all of the resources of USPS to create the best mailing programs, and offer the lowest postage rates possible with no delays in getting your mail into the mail stream.  It also shows that Ward-Kraft has a reputation with the Post Office as a producer of accurate, correct mailing without errors.  Through the use of the latest software available Ward-Kraft can properly CASS certify, NCOA, and presort your mail.  There are options available for mail tracking which will allow accurate monitoring of your mailing to the mailbox so you know when it arrives. 

Ward-Kraft is a known leader in manufacturing Plastic Postcard Mailers. We have more than a decade of experience in designing and making these eye catching direct mail pieces. Plastic Mailers allow you to promote a company, product or service on a high quality 20 or 30 mil layered plastic postcard. With detachable cards and unique designs, your investment will stand out and increase your response rate.

Cost Savings

Save with our Plastic Mailers.

One of the many benefits of Ward-Kraft producing your plastic mailers is the savings on postage. Because of the thickness of our mailers, they can mail at the letter rate. We also receive special discounted prices on postage when it comes to automation and machinable postal discounts. Several years ago when the postal regulations went up, we were one of the few mailers that still receive the Automation and Machinable discounted letter rates. You can count on us to be a full service, seamless mailer.


Ward-Kraft is a trade-only printing manufacturer with a reputation for product innovation and a powerful network of re-sellers.

Ward-Kraft is a nationally known leader in the print industry with over 45 years of experience. Our top products include: Pressure Seal, Medical I.D. Wristbands, Integrated Form & Label combinations including Uni-web and Joined Web, Shipping Label/Packing Slips such as 2SS® Two-Sided Shipping, Form & Card combinations including RealCard®, Plastic Mailers, Plastic Cards and UL/Industrial/Durable Labels.

Services we provide:

  • CASS(Coding Accuracy Support System)

  • NCOA (National Change Of Address) processing

  • De-Dupe of list – upon request

  • Mail Presort to achieve lowest postal cost

  • Mail tracking – upon request

  • Mail print production

  • Mail preparation/traying

  • Entry into the Post Office (local, NDC dropship, or SCF dropship)

Items we need you to provide:

  • Print-ready artwork

  • List/Data


We pride ourselves in sustaining long term relationships with our customers. We listen to our customer's needs and challenges. Our research and development team is tuned in to the needs of our customer.

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