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Are plastic cards and key tags still relevant in today’s digital world?

This is an important question today. The answer is YES. There are several reasons there is still a demand for plastic cards and key tags in today’s world. Let’s take a look at a few:

1. Plastic Cards are Gift Friendly: Who wants to send their Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister, Grandmother, Etc. an email for their birthday? I would hope no one. How about instead a gift card for a few meals at a nice restaurant. Do you want to hand them their birthday card and write inside “Check your email for your gift”? I don’t think that would go over very well. There is still something special about a nice card with a well presented plastic gift card.

2. Plastic Cards are Date Friendly: Imagine you’re on a big date. Let’s say the first date. Wouldn’t you rather drop a gift or reward card in with your credit card when it is time to pay? You will still receive your discount without having to pull out your phone and show the staff your discount code at the table in front of your first date. I just don’t think that makes the most significant impression.

3. Plastic Cards are there when you need them: Have you ever been traveling and when it’s time to get information from your phone, it's dead, has no signal, or is not available? This is more common than you think. On a recent trip of mine, my wife’s phone was stolen. When this happens, without cards how would you get home? We still use cards for identification, paying for things, receiving discounts, etc. In our case, she was lucky the phone that was stolen was a temporary phone while she was waiting for her new one that had been shipped. Imagine if all her information had been put into a digital wallet and she did not have physical cards. It would have been a nightmare. We were lucky the thief only made an Uber charge. If all her credit and debit cards would have been available on the phone in a digital wallet. We would still be digging out.

These are just a few of the examples of why plastic cards and key tags are still relevant in today’s digital world. I bet you can think of examples in your own life where plastic cards were a better solution. As a print re-seller, you must instill this understanding into those that believe everything can go digital today. All you have to do is ask your existing customers if they have a need and Ward-Kraft is ready to help you.


Stay tuned for my next blog on the right questions to ask when your customer has a need for Gift Cards.

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