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Our high resolution, photo quality cards are perfect for meeting the identification, marketing, and promotional card demands.

Our cards are available in 20 or 30 mil standard thicknesses and are offered in layered plastic (composite). We ensure quick turn times to get the product in your hands when you need them!

The durable plastic material lasts longer than paper cards and has a higher perceived value. They are a great way to attract new business and retain current business.

Plastic Card Dielines

Plastic Cards
Paper Carriers
Plastic Card & Key Tag Combos

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Suggested Uses for Plastic Cards


Take advantage of Plastic Cards.

If you are not taking advantage of the plastic card and key tag market you are missing out on a great opportunity. The plastic card industry is an $18 billion industry.  Many of your current customers are already using plastic cards and key tags, if they are not buying from you they could be. 

Are you unsure of where to begin or who you should be selling to?  We are here to help.  We are going to cover the 5 most popular uses for plastic cards and key tags, the best markets for each use, 5 Ward-Kraft service benefits, 5 Ward-Kraft product benefits to help you close the sale. 


5 Opportunities to Grow with Plastic Cards and Key Tags

5 Uses and Markets

4. Access Cards – Magnetic Stripe

  • Hotel

  • Hospital

  • Secure Building

  • Restaurant Back of House

5. Fundraising

  • High School

  • Boy Scouts

  • Churches

  • Sports Teams

1. POS Cards – Gift, Loyalty, Rewards Cards

  • Retail Stores

  • Grocery Stores

  • Restaurants

2. Membership Cards – Personalized ID Cards

  • Associations

  • Alumni

  • Insurance

  • Organizations

  • Library

  • Fitness

3. Marketing Cards

  • Business Cards

  • Mail Fulfillment

  • New Member Solicitation

  • Non-Profits

  • Hand-out Promotion cards


Ward-Kraft laminated plastic cards provide the highest level of quality available in plastic cards today.

Ward-Kraft cards and key tags are printed using the latest technology to provide the brightest, most vibrant images available today. The high quality print has a thick layer of laminate placed over it to provide the best possible protection. All of the variable and personalized information is printed under the laminate to assure that our cards and key tags have long lasting durability.


We go the extra step to have our magnetic stripes embed into our laminate to give the magnetic stripe added durability to scratching or damage. Utilizing a printed synthetic core along with the best possible laminates means these cards will stand the test of time. With the all plastic construction the cards and key tags can withstand the elements of water, temperature, and just about anything you can throw at them. 

5 Ward-Kraft Product Benefits

1. Personalization is under that laminate completed in a single process.  Personalization will be more durable and cost effective.

2. Mag stripe is built into the laminate creating a more durable mag stripe and a more efficient process.

3. More inline card production processes create a faster turn time allowing us to hit tight deadlines.

4. More flexible card allows the card to better hold its shape with no cracking or breaking when bent.

5. Digital print process makes highly variable and smaller order quantities much more attainable.


Ward-Kraft is a trade-only printing manufacturer with a reputation for product innovation and a powerful network of re-sellers.

Ward-Kraft is a nationally known leader in the print industry with over 45 years of experience. Our top products include: Pressure Seal, Medical I.D. Wristbands, Integrated Form & Label combinations including Uni-web and Joined Web, Shipping Label/Packing Slips such as 2SS® Two-Sided Shipping, Form & Card combinations including RealCard®, Plastic Mailers, Plastic Cards and UL/Industrial/Durable Labels.


We pride ourselves in sustaining long term relationships with our customers. We listen to our customer's needs and challenges. Our research and development team is tuned in to the needs of our customer.

5 Ward-Kraft Partnership Benefits

3. Pricing Support

  • Special core product pricing

  • Promo discount codes for new orders

4. Order Processing Support

  • Reseller portal coming late 2019

5. On-Time Delivery Support

  • Flexibility to meet customer deadlines

1. Sales Support

  • Sales rep visits

  • Joint sales calls

  • Tradeshow availability

2. Marketing Support

  • Product images

  • Templates, samples

  • Personalized sell sheets

  • Self-promo discounts

  • In-store display

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