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Medical I.D. wristbands are a great way for hospitals and clinics to improve the safety and quality of care for their patients while meeting healthcare requirements. To ensure the patient's safety, the information listed on the band must be easy to read and have maximized scanning ability.

Laminated | Non-Laminated

We offer a wide range of medical I.D. wristbands to fit all your needs. These all-in-one, laser printable I.D. wristbands are perfect for use in hospitals and medical clinics, with plenty of customizable options available. 


According to a study done by John Hopkins Medicine, medical errors should rank as the third leading cause of death in the U.S.

A Leader in the Wristband Industry

Ward-Kraft has been a leader in the medical wristband industry for more than 20 years. We are a pioneer in the manufacturing process and are constantly updating our product line. There are many wristband configurations to choose from, and our products are fully customizable. We also offer stock wristbands for immediate delivery. 

Cost Savings

Our wristbands can save you money.

Save big on large volumes.

Our wristbands are compatible, "drop in ready" for existing printers and software. No need to invest in new hardware.

Since we manufacture from raw products and do not simply convert store bought material, we can save you money on large volume runs.


Ward-Kraft is a trade-only printing manufacturer with a reputation for product innovation and a powerful network of re-sellers.

Ward-Kraft is a nationally known leader in the print industry with over 45 years of experience. Our top products include: Pressure Seal, Medical I.D. Wristbands, Integrated Form & Label combinations including Uni-web and Joined Web, Shipping Label/Packing Slips such as 2SS® Two-Sided Shipping, Form & Card combinations including RealCard®, Plastic Mailers, Plastic Cards and UL/Industrial/Durable Labels.


We pride ourselves in sustaining long term relationships with our customers. We listen to our customer's needs and challenges. Our research and development team is tuned in to the needs of our customer.

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