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Barcodes: Beauty in the Simplicity

In 1949, on a beach in Miami and inspired by Morse Code, Norman Joseph Woodland would become one of the men attributed to the invention of the Universal Product Code, more commonly known as the barcode.

Over the years, many individuals and organizations would contribute to the evolution and introduction of the barcode into everyday life we know today. But it's Woodland's beach innovation that surrounds us everywhere we look; from the barcodes on the computer you are utilizing right now to the barcoded labels on the food products you will likely purchase for your lunch. As I write this, according to GS1, over 1,794,410,454 barcodes have been scanned all over the world already today.

Not only are barcodes wallpapering every facet of our lives, but this simple little solution is accomplishing so much in an over-complicated world. The standard linear 1D code, which can hold up to 85 characters, is a straight-forward tool for asset tracking, monitoring business and workflow interruptions, and data collection.

The world, with its ever-changing technology that few of us can keep up with - much less understand entirely - has become increasingly intimidating and unmanageable. But, amid all this chaos, there is still one easy and understandable solution that gives some comfort in its straight-forward simplicity.

Sure, there are other options out there, like the QR Code with its 4,000 character capacity, but many advantages keep barcodes at the top of the list, such as the universality across industries, countries, and situations. Barcodes are easy to use and can be a more cost-effective option. They can be printed on most materials and are a clear choice for shipping carrier use. Tracking and managing assets as efficiently as possible is critical to business operations and maximum return on investment.

So, on this anniversary of the first barcode scan on a pack of Juicy Fruit gum at a supermarket in Troy, Ohio….remember myself and Ward-Kraft as a great resource in the asset tag label arena for you. Reach out, and let's have a conversation about the best solutions for your projects and your company.


Kristi Hensley

800-821-4021 ext. 4024

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