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Keep the packing slip….YES please!

Who orders on line? Duh…everyone! Who loves free shipping? Duh…everyone! Who loves free and easy returns? Duh…everyone! Who loves getting a packing slip with their package? Duh….everyone! Okay, well maybe the packing slip isn’t as exciting as the other items BUT it should be!


What is a packing slip? A packing slip is document that lists all items that should be included in the package the consumer ordered. Having a hard copy packing slip is convenient to the customer. So why are we seeing some retailers go away from using a printed packing slip with every shipment? Plain and simple they are trying to cut cost.

Over the next couple of weeks I am going to talk about keeping the packing slip relevant in distribution processes and still show you how to improve your bottom-line!

Idea #1 Keeping it relevant is to combine your picking label with your packing slip. Streamline your process by eliminating human touches, improving the speed of packaging, save money on consumables and cut labor cost. Product idea – ALL-IN-ONE shipping label with packing slip/pick label/content together as one document.


Next idea/post we will add more value to the packing slip by driving your customer back to order sooner than later! Stay tuned.

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