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Solving the Top 3 Problems Membership Organizations Face

Membership organizations are any group with a membership base. Ranging from local clubs, nationwide organizations including museums, libraries, alumni associations, insurance companies, credit unions, and the list could go on all day. Needless to say, this encompasses a large number of people, if not all. Almost everyone is a member of something.

In my research, there seem to be three significant problems they face.

  1. Difficulty in communicating the organization's value or benefits to the membership

  2. Bridging the gap between expectations of aging membership and a young membership

  3. Handling the demand for continual member acquisition

There are many ways to communicate the value and benefits of an organization. You can have a website, send out emails, and many other standard marketing techniques that can be a hit or miss as to if the members ever see them.

One of the best ways to ensure that a new member sees all of the organization's values and benefits is by sending a welcome letter. Yes, an old fashion physical letter in the mail. The letter can welcome them and provide a list of benefits and include the value proposition of the organization.

A welcome letter of this sort helps to provide a solution for problem 2. A well-written letter, including the values and benefits, can help bridge the gap between aging membership and young membership. Many organizations think they can go digital and provide all their information through the internet, including their membership cards. This alienates their aging membership and does not do much to "WOW" the younger membership either. There have been several direct mail studies showing that the younger 20 somethings open mail at a high rate. They are so used to not receiving mail that they see it as something special. Membership organizations can appeal to both the aging and the younger members by sending that well written welcome letter and making sure the letter includes a nice and durable membership card.

Many member organizations want to send a welcome letter and membership card but run into problem 3. How do you deal with daily or weekly sign-ups and get them a welcome letter and card when you are only signing up a few a week. You may run membership cards annually to cover the membership base. Your newest members need to immediately feel welcomed with the same quality information and member card as the annual members.

If only there was a product that could easily be printed on-demand, members joined that provided a letter and a durable membership card. Wait, this product does exist! Ward-Kraft's Dri-Tac is just such a product. It is an excellent paper letter with a clean release durable plastic card ready for laser printing. There are options to purchase as blank stock forms, pre-printed shells, or as a fulfilled mailing. The blank stock forms are available in one and two card options and make a great solution for those needing small quantity at a cost-effective price. Pre-printed shells fit those that need a larger quantity, 1000 or more, and want all of the static information of their organization on the form, so they have to print the personalization and mail it out. The fulfilled mailing options are an excellent fit for those more extensive annual mailing that includes the full membership. It is smart to combine these options.

Ward-Kraft can quickly handle your full membership mailing of thousands, or tens of thousands. We also supply the membership organization with pre-printed shells or blank stock forms to send out a matching membership letter and card to those who sign up throughout the year. This can be done daily, weekly, or monthly by the organization themselves with their laser printer. Ward-Kraft has excellent solutions for any of the membership organization's welcome letter and membership card needs. Ward-Kraft's Dri-Tac may be just what you need.


Greg Schroeder

Sales Representative

800.821.4021 ext.4132

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