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Are you missing out on easy revenue?

Make sure you are maximizing your revenue. Keep in mind that it cost 5-25x times as much to find a new customer than grow an existing customer. With the high cost of acquisition, are you selling your existing customer everything you possibly can?

As someone who sells printed products, you should not limit yourself to just one style of print. As you provide business cards, letterhead, envelopes, brochures, and the typical products it takes to run a business, many print providers make the jump to offer promo products and apparel. This is a nice logical jump. With the basic business cards, letterhead, and envelope business being low in margin the jump to promo products and apparel is a boost in margin. However, with promo and apparel, you do not often get the easy reorders you typically see in other products. Every new order for promo requires you to research products and basically resell them with a presentation of the new products. This can be time-consuming and cumbersome. This is why I feel plastic cards and key tags are so important for your business.

Plastic cards and key tags offer the best of both, strong margin and easy reorders. Many of your existing customers need the value that plastic cards for gift, loyalty, and rewards can bring to their business. If you are not offering plastic card and key tags in your business, you are leaving revenue on the table.

Let’s go one step further, if you are not asking each and every one of your customers if they have a need for plastic cards and key tags, you are leaving revenue on the table. Ward Kraft wants to be your provider for all your plastic card and key tag opportunities.

All you have to do is ask your existing customers if they have a need and Ward-Kraft is ready to help you.


Stay tuned for my next blog on how to determine which of your existing customers have the need for plastic card and key tags!

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