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Everyone wants to be a part of something

As we live our daily lives, we all want to feel accepted. For many of us this want is filled by joining groups of all types. This ranges from various associations, social organizations, alumni groups, a variety of clubs, etc. We all have our own unique interests. Some go out and join the gym. Some participate in their local library activities. We are all also part of larger groups such as insurance groups or political parties, that are not always social groups.

When you think about it we are all members of a variety of groups. What is one thing most all of these groups have in common? They all want you to feel included and become a participating member. What is the best way to accomplish this? The answer is to provide the members a nice, durable, plastic membership card to show their membership and make them feel welcome and important.

With plastic membership cards it is important to understand the personalization required to allow the member to feel a part of the group while also accomplishing all of the data needs required by the organization. It is also important that the card be durable enough to last the duration of the membership. That is often one year or longer before a new card will be issued. This is where a digitally printed, laminated synthetic composite card really fits the bill. The digital printing allows the personalization to be added at press. This is much more efficient than a secondary process of personalization. This also allows the personalization to be printed before the laminate is applied adding a layer of durability once the card is laminated that is not found in other types of cards. Laminated synthetic composite cards look great and are extremely durable. They can be highly personalized, and are produce with a very fast turnaround time in a cost effective manner. All you have to do is ask your customers if they have membership card needs and Ward-Kraft is ready to help you.


Stay tuned for future blogs on additional uses and markets for plastic cards.

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