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Keys to a Successful Gift Card Program

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

What do you need to know when starting a Gift Card program? As a print provider, there is a wide range of uses and markets for plastics cards and key tags available to your prospective customers. One of the most popular applications of a plastic card is as a gift card. A wide range of retailers, grocery stores, restaurants, etc. use gift cards. I am sure you either have existing customers or prospects within your reach that need gift cards.

As you approach prospects about providing for their card needs, what do you need to know to have success?

  • Do they currently offer gift cards? This is the big question.

Prospects already offering a gift card program will understand the value and the process, and will also have a processor in place already. From this point, the flow of the conversation will take a more conventional sales route.

  • Who is their current processor?

  • Do they purchase their current cards from the processor or another vendor? If another vendor, which one?

  • Will their current processor provide the necessary data to use a different vendor?

  • What do they like about their current setup? More importantly, what don’t they like about their current setup? You must uncover their ongoing struggles and frustrations.

  • What value can you add for prospects? If you can add value, you are almost guaranteed the sale.

Prospects not currently offering a gift card program might need your guidance to help them understand the value and the process.

  • Gift cards will help prospects compete with larger national stores.

  • Gift cards outsell paper gift certificates.

  • Gift cards create a referral that can create a new customer.

  • If a prospect accepts credit and debit cards, find out if their credit card processor can also process gift cards.

At this point, if a prospect does not have the means to process gift cards but understands the value and benefits of a gift card program, the door is open to be their complete solution.

You can help set up their processing and provide the gift cards. This will build a strong relationship that allows you to become their go-to provider for all their printed products.

Create the need with your prospects and clients; Ward-Kraft is ready to help you the whole way.


Stay tuned for my next blog on Plastic Cards and Key Tags.

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