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Marketing in a Consumer-Driven World

How well do you know your customers? A little? A lot? Not at all? Do you know the importance of personal touch to today's consumer?

In an era where privacy is a popular and controversial topic, customer data collection can seem counter-intuitive. However, at the same time they criticize data collection, today's consumers also crave personalization, especially when it comes to product marketing.

To some, data is seen as an obstacle instead of a valuable tool. Their opinion is your advantage. Building a database of customer information is the most effective and critical component of a marketing strategy, so if customer data isn't a priority, it's time for you to switch gears. Without data, you're marketing blindly, merely hoping to reach your target audience. Why base your marketing on what you think your customers want when you could give them exactly what they want?

Still on the fence? Think of it this way - some of your biggest competitors collect data and use that information to create targeted marketing strategies, making their marketing efforts far more effective and their budgets more efficient. They reach customers while you're still busy trying to figure out why your marketing isn't yielding the results you need.

Data is a big deal these days, and it's not something that you can afford to ignore. So if you want to learn about your customers, how they interact with your services, and how to grab - and, more importantly, keep - their attention, a loyalty program is where it all starts.

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