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Technology – Ready or not, here it comes (Part 2)

Updated: May 28, 2019

Technology is incredible in many ways. Staying connected is easy, we can communicate with people all around the world, doctors can treat patients no matter where they are, and most of us have pocket-sized mega computers at our fingertips - cellphones.

Would you survive if you didn't have your cellphone for a day? How would you know what the weather was going to do? Where your kids were? Where you would get lunch today or go to dinner? We depend so much on technology. Just 15 years ago, cell phones were not in everyone's hands. Computers were not in everyone's homes. We had landlines, payphones, typewriters, and maps. It is crazy to think how much society and the "normal" has changed in terms of technology over the past 15 years.

Think about it, if someone asks you about something when you don't know the answer, what's your "go to"? For many, it's the internet. That is our normal. We grab our phones or get on our computer and search it. Everything is at our fingertips at any given moment. Having information so readily available to us is fantastic and is the root cause of society's "instant gratification" mentality. We have become accustomed to having everything available to us almost instantly.

With an up-swing in e-commerce, this now includes shopping. We want the best price, with the best shipping, and we want it fast. We can search online for what we want and find an endless supply of websites that sell the product with pricing for any budget. This is amazing! Rate shopping at our fingertips. Now, we never have to wonder if we got the best price! The consumer has it made!

The flip side of online shopping is selling. You are the one listing that item for sale online. Your product and pricing pull up in a search… the consumer chooses you. Now what? You have to quickly process that order, provide multiple shipping options (possibly free shipping) and get that order out as fast as possible. How does this happen? How do you process this order quickly? How do you process hundreds of orders quickly? How do you provide shipping options without losing money on the process? And how do you get these customers to buy from you again?

These are all questions that most businesses face with e-commerce. Customers have high expectations, and businesses have considerable struggles to meet these expectations while keeping overhead costs down. When addressing these processes, consider the big picture. Streamlining these processes will reduce costs, increase processing speeds, and reduce errors.


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