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Ward-Kraft: Helping Build a Better Furniture Product and Brand

Experts say the furniture market is on track for growth through 2023 and, contributing to the increase, is domestic growth here at home. Ward Kraft and our distributors are positioned to aid manufacturers in fulfilling consumer’s demands and providing the competitive edge in a category that has been heating up in the retail space. In the battle for profits in the retail space, we’re witnessing more branding of private label lifestyle collections.

Ward-Kraft, Inc. is committed to providing furniture labels to enhance your product and set you apart from the competition. Besides our current materials like satin, our team here at Ward-Kraft has been actively researching new and potentially better alternatives to help you build your business with a better selling furniture product.

We have a reputation for bringing proven methods and materials into our process for developing quality furniture labels. Take for instance our Mighty Tac Adhesive; Mighty Tac exists for all types of tricky surfaces, such as steel, metal, aluminum, concrete, and plastic. The aggressive adhesive gets down in the cracks and crevices with strong initial stick. Our proprietary process allows us to customize adhesive patterns, preventing ooze and applying extra thickness, ensuring labels stay in place.

Ward-Kraft and our distributors are committed to helping furniture industry clients sell more products in the coming years. Contact myself at Ward-Kraft and together we’ll see your furniture business grow.


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