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Recently, I’ve been traveling to some of the niche regions of the furniture industry. After almost 50 years in the print industry, Ward-Kraft understands we have to be immersed in our distributor’s markets to fully understand what they go through. This means attending events, like High Point Market, to develop an awareness of the products produced and made available by the furniture industry; touring furniture manufacturing facilities to get a better understanding of how we can help facilitate a more efficient production process; and reaching out to distributors to get a better understanding of their businesses.

On a recent trip to High Point Market in North Carolina, the topic of how we communicate was spotlighted. After conversations with local distributors in the area, I am reminded of how important it is to demonstrate our commitment to legacy, innovation, and dedication to our distributors.

LEGACY is illustrated by WK’s nearly half-century service to the trade and continued growth through products and markets being guided by our distributors. Ward-Kraft has developed systems to enable change through our industry partners, including printer + label packages, joint sales calls, direct marketing, and more.

INNOVATION is staying on top of industry changes, new regulations, and technology to develop products with a competitive edge. It is in-house research and development and an in-house machine shop that pushes the expansion of new products and the perfecting of the products coming out of our specialty division, such as furniture and law labels.

DEDICATION is the numerous partnerships we have with our distributors, often built on respect and trust. We are dedicated to helping our distributors find niche markets, like furniture labels, that will grow their business and benefit their end users. And we’re dedicated to serving that end user with you.

To our distributors working on furniture and law labeling projects for manufacturers/importers: reach out, and let’s discuss your next project. I’m eager to collaborate on better CA Prop 65, Title VI, flammability, cleaning, and instruction label solutions. To end users: reach out, and we’ll partner you with a qualified reseller, and you can rest assured your efforts will be matched.


Kristi Hensley

Ward-Kraft, Inc. Sales Representative

2401 Cooper St | Fort Scott, KS 66701

(800) 821-4021 ext. 4024 | Cell: (620) 215-2428

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